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High Blood Pressure – Hypertension

High blood pressure is one of the most serious medical conditions and is considered to be in the 20% of the population. Most patients with high blood pressure do not show any symptoms. As a result, some patients may develop complications when they are diagnosed with hypertension. It is this high blood pressure that causes the heart attacks and paralysis that are the lives of many around the world today. One of the most important things you can do in your life is to be more aware of this condition, which is often referred to as a common disease. Unawareness is much higher than awareness of the condition. Many people who are busy working and risking their lives in financial supplies suffer from this precarious disease. The main reason for this is the lack of concern for their health.

What is Blood Pressure?

Oxygen and nutrients are needed for proper functioning of the human body. These substances are mixed with blood and transported to organs. Blood is directed to those organs by the force exerted by the heart. Blood pressure refers to the force produced by the heart.

What is high blood pressure?

A person's blood pressure may be vari for many reasons. Stress, severe congestion, certain emotional states, and alcohol use can increase blood pressure. We should also keep in mind that it is normal for a small blood pressure to increase with age. If a person's blood pressure continues to increase in mismatch proportion to the age and gender of the patient, it is considered high blood pressure.

When measuring blood pressure, it always displays two values. For example, a healthy person has a blood pressure of 120/80. Above is a chart showing the (120) inflamed blood pressure in the arteries when the heart pumps blood. Below are the (elaborated) blood pressure that causes the heart to relax (80). Hypertension is considered to be 140/90 when blood pressure is continuously exceeded. The exact cause of hypertension is not found in 90 percent of patients. The remaining 10 percent can be find reasons to an increase in blood pressure. Among these are certain drugs, kidney diseases, hormonal changes, etc. In general, low blood pressure can cause high blood pressure.

Causes of high blood pressure?

As obesity increases, so does the amount of blood pumped throughout the body. The pumping of excess blood adds to the heart's excitement.

If the majority of adults in your generation's history suffer from high blood pressure, you too are at high risk for developing high blood pressure.

When you eat too much salt, your body becomes dehydrated. Because of the increased salt content in the blood, more water is drawn to balance it out. The heart has to pump more blood to pump more salt out of your body. It is extra effort for the heart. This can cause high blood pressure.

When a person is depressed, hurt, or angry, blood pressure rises slightly above normal. So the longer a person suffers from chronic stress, the higher the risk of developing high blood pressure.

Low blood potassium levels can cause high blood pressure

Symptoms of hypertension.

  • Frequent headaches
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Chest pain when tired
  • Blurring of vision
  • Bleeding from the nose
  • Excessive fatigue

Advice for someone suffering from high blood pressure.

Proper treatment can help manage high blood pressure or cure. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically check blood pressure and take medication prescribed by your doctor. It is inappropriate to skip a dose or take a lower volume than the doctor prescribed.

We described earlier that obesity can cause high blood pressure. This is why weight control is best. Exercise can reduce weight by reducing oil and sugar intake

Controlling fatty foods for people with high blood pressure is a good thing. This is because the excess fat in the body is deposited in the blood vessels. This will make it more difficult for blood to flow through the blood vessels, and it will need to be pressed.

Excessive stress can increase stress. Therefore, obtaining mental freedom is very important. Meditation, relaxing music, and hobbies can reduce stress.

People with high blood pressure are at higher risk for coronary heart disease if they use drugs and cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes increases blood lipid levels. It can make hypertension worse.

Things to follow in case of high blood pressure

  • The medicine should be taken in the right dosage daily. Never increase the use of medicine on their own.
  • Reduce salt usage You should not add salt to your diet, especially at the table
  • Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  • Exercise daily, at least three days a week for half an hour.
  • No smoking & Reduce alcohol use
  • Reduce saturated fats such as coconut oil, fatty foods such as beef and pork and restrict egg intake.
  • Excessive fatigue

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