Mental health

Mental Health

Physical and mental health are essential for a healthy life. Many people in society suffer from a variety of psychological problems. These problems are exacerbated by the lack of awareness and reluctance to disclose that they are suffering from mental issues. Significantly, mental illness is associated with a medical condition that can be cured by medical treatment. But even if you have all the luxuries in your life, you may find yourself emotionally unhappy, or you will find yourself in a state of no worth. Regardless of the job you do, consider for a moment whether your happiness is a concern for your comfort. If you don't care about your mental state and you don't take responsibility for your mental rest and mental relaxation, who else will do it for you? No matter what wealth you build your mindset and run away with, If you have failed to earn the wealth that is the most precious of all, You may think that you have won, but a defeat. We bring you these facts today to help you decide for yourself whether or not you care about your mental health or how you can get started today.The World Health Organization defines mental health as not only free of mental illness but also useful in coping with everyday stresses and problems, recognizing one's potential. October 10 is the World Mental Health Day, which is designated by the World Health Organization as the World Health Day. The theme of the World Mental Health Day 2019 is "focus on suicide prevention."

Mental illness and problems are

Mental illness or mental problems can be referred to as abnormal, disturbing changes in human thinking and behavior. Psychiatrists and pharmacists need treatment to heal and control the mental illness. Drug therapy is not essential to cure mental problems, but counseling and other psychotherapy can cure many psychological problems.

The findings of modern Western psychology have shown that in humans, a variety of thoughts that are persistent and persistent, although not serious, can be caused by the following types of physiological illnesses.

  • Digestive system disorders
  • Lack of control over emotions
  • High blood pressure due to changes in physical activity
  • Changes in heart rate
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Muscle pain
  • Increased blood sugar levels

The above-mentioned physiological illnesses are the result of a tremendous amount of negative emotional state in man. Sometimes, physical ailments can cause a variety of psychological problems.The lifestyle is so complicated, Lack of mental rest are the root cause of these conditions. Analyzing the social data of Asian countries shows that mental health is deteriorating. The National Association for Mental Health in the United States says that one out of every two patients with a medical condition has a mental and emotional disorder. This does not mean that all illnesses are not caused by poor mental health. That the mental or emotional disturbances of the patients are to some extent affected.

Classification of mental illness

  • Minor mental illness

  • Major mental illnes

Pretty mental illness

Minor mental illness is an imbalance in behavior and thinking that does not require hospitalization. Minor mental illness is not a dangerous condition and can be cured with proper counseling.

Major mental illness

Major psychiatric illnesses are patients who have a deformed personality and are unable to cope with daily life. These patients have a wide range of distorted symptoms. Only a small percentage of people are affected by this condition.


stress women

What is stress?

Perhaps the boss of your organization comes to mind with this word.Or it could be your friends or clients who are complaining without any hesitation. What are your thoughts on the meaning of this tension before coming to preconceived notions? What image do you see? Someone who's frustrated at times? However, I think you have at least two or three words that are quite close to the tension. Words like nervousness, restlessness, embarrassment, hurts.The tension is the tension that starts with something. That is to say, the tension caused by its impact. So this stress can be good for you, or it could be worse. This means that stress can have a positive or negative impact on someone.

The tension is the tension that starts with something. That is to say, the tension caused by its impact. So this stress can be good for you, or it could be worse. This means that stress can have a positive or negative impact on someone.

Factors Affecting Stress.

Threats :- One person who was unable to send the tenants was under stress. The tenants, who had been asking for two months, did not quit. The neighbor then lodged a complaint with the police. But instead of going to court, he went for counsel. Fear caused by the news that the tenants were neighbors

Change :- Stress can be caused by long-term or short-term changes, such as a willful marriage, childbirth, promotion, or involuntary employment change.

Interpersonal relationships :- When it's challenging to express your feelings. When it is impossible to say no: some girls are faced with various problems because they cannot say no.

Symptoms of stress.

  • Physical – Headache, Toothache, Increased Heart Rate, Loss Of Appetite, Sexual Irregularity, Nausea

  • Mental – Irritability, excessive sensitivity, inability to concentrate.

  • Behavior – Some are too active, some are low, alcohol or drugs, sleep problems

The above features need not be explained in detail. But remember one thing. That is, if these symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks, it is very likely that they will develop depression.

Types of stress?

Acute stress disorder :- Severe tension disorders occur almost immediately (often medication is unnecessary, shorter periods usually decrease within 48 hours).

Adjustment disorder :- Adjustment to life changes such as job changes, transfers, travel abroad, romantic breakups, marriage, divorce, etc. Sometimes medical treatment may be needed.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) :- It can also be caused by a disaster or seeing someone else face the same disaster. This is a chronic medical condition

Treatment for Stress

  • Meditations to Control the Mind.

  • Exercise for relaxation

  • Listening to music that causes mental relaxation

  • Listening to music that causes mental relaxation
  • Participating in excursions
  • Enjoying the beauty of the environment

  • Body massage

  • Avoid smoking, drinking coffee

Eating more green vegetables and fruits can help prevent stress. Eating big fish and almonds is also ideal. Experiments have shown that keeping time and order, keeping your surroundings tidy and straightforward, and keeping your bedroom smelling with lavender-scented flowers or air scents, can help relieve stress.


Depression- Women

A person who suffers from negative attitudes for a long time. It is more severe than the occasional grief or emotional pain. Many people with depression often show symptoms of anxiety. Although it is normal for a normal person to feel pain, depression is a medical condition that needs medical attention. It's normal for all of us to be sad at some point in life. But depression can make a person feel sad for a whole day, for weeks, even months. This can have a profound impact on their daily life. That's when loneliness comes along.

Why does depression occur?

A definitive answer to that question has yet to be found by scientists. It is difficult to pinpoint the causes of depression. When a person is in a state of extreme sadness, the long-term persistence of the feelings he or she is experiencing may lead to depression.Depression can occur for a variety of reasons. For example, the daily household problems he or she faces , Problems in school, Bullying can cause negative attitudes about oneself.

How does depression affect everyday life?

Depression affects individuals at varying degrees. The extent to which one suffers from depression can be judged only by observing the nature of their feelings. Depression can cause one to endure long periods of grief, another patient to have negative feelings about oneself and to feel that they are worthless. Symptoms such as frequent tiredness, difficulty sleeping, and perhaps sleeping too much may be symptoms of depression. Also, eating disorders can lead to a loss of appetite, and excessive eating as a result of eating disorders, Eating unhealthy eating habits can also cause symptoms.Doctors point out that the symptoms of depression can be caused by difficulty in focusing on something and persistent calmness. Long-term sufferers may experience loss of enjoyment of life and may even feel deprived of their hobbies and strength before they become ill. Lack of confidence and lack of interest in work are other symptoms.

Proper treatment?

If someone suffers from “anxiety disorder” or depression, it is essential to talk to someone they trust as soon as they learn that there is a change in their behavior. These patients do not seek treatment as soon as they are diagnosed with a physical illness. Although some people think that this is a cure without treatment, there is no basis for it. Getting the right treatment is essential. Depression can be classified into three categories: minor, moderate, and severe.Medical treatment is a must for those with moderate to severe seizures. Electro-Convulsive Therapy (ECT) for Severe Depression. These treatments can help prevent serious depression. Once in a while, the patient must be treated properly and treated for at least six months after the condition has recovered. Otherwise, it can lead to recurrence of the condition. Psychotherapeutic interventions should also be given equal length of time as pharmaceutical treatments. If a person refuses to take this treatment, the condition can worsen. Therefore, it is essential to seek treatment for a depressed person. It is essential to treat these patients in a hospital if there is a severe case of the disease, which can reduce the risk of life-threatening illnesses and if medication is not administered correctly.

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