Diabetes children

Type 1 diabetes in children

Diabetes is like an epidemic that is raging all over the world today. The disease is more common in old age, but it is not the result of old age. Even children suffering from the disease can be seen.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that can cause major damage to your body, your eyes, your brain, your heart, your kidneys, your legs. Obesity is a major cause of diabetes. This is due to the loss of insulin function along with weight gain. Diabetes can block the big veins and change the function of small veins. This condition can affect the kidneys, impair the kidney function, make the patient die faster, but the current dialysis treatment can improve the patient's lifespan. Children are excluded from playing because current activities are based on electronic devices. It is clear that not only a lazy child but also a passive child who is at risk of developing various diseases.

With physical activity such as tuition, endless homework and electronic games surpassing physical activity, the amount of exercise that children receive is decreasing significantly. Children are at increased risk of obesity and diseases including diabetes because of the increased intake of food with minimal exercise. Kids today know more about electronic devices than they do, but the enjoyment of playing is unfamiliar to them. Today, children are being forced to succeed only academically, regardless of physical fitness. Children are more prone to diabetes due to the lack of energy in the body and adequate mechanisms to release them.

The sources of diabetes in children are two. The first of these is during the birth. The second is a sign of obesity. Although genetic features have remained unchanged over the past two decades, the majority of children are suffering from type 1 diabetes due to the highly transformed environmental features. Other unidentified factors also affect the prevalence of type 1 diabetes. The prevalence is growing globally, though somewhat lower in Asian countries. Insulin is the only drug available for children with type 1 diabetes, which has now become an incurable disease..

Obesity is a secondary type of diabetes. This can be prevented by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle. Pregnant mothers should beware of overweight as the health of a pregnant mother can also affect the chances of developing diabetes in the baby. If the mother is overweight during pregnancy, there is a risk that the baby will later become obese. The basis of educating the child on healthy eating habits should be established by the time the baby is weaned.

The common symptoms of both types of diabetes mentioned above are frequent urination and weight loss. This may be a result of decreased insulin levels and changes in dietary patterns. Once the condition is confirmed, it can only be controlled. Adults and children with diabetes are at increased risk for heart, eye, and neurological disorders. Lack of space or time to play is not a legitimate reason why children should not resort to physical activity. Encouraging a child to run or enter the home is more effective than allowing them to play a computer or smart phone game.

The following symptoms can be seen in a diabetic.

  • Too thirsty
  • Too hungry
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Excess body weight loss
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Poor eyesight
  • Headaches


Although most people show signs of diabetes, many are not prepared to admit that they have the disease. Some people try to hide it from others, even if they are infected. They say that they will not cure such diseases. Thus, even if they have minor symptoms of diabetes, they do not want to be tested and treated. The disadvantages of being in such a position are many. Therefore, early treatment may not be effective, but it can lead to worsening of the disease.

Food Control

Diabetics should be careful to control foods with sweeteners, oils, and flours as much as possible. Must be actively living. It is important to maintain these habits not only for two years but also for a lifetime. It is important that everyone is careful before they develop the disease, not just the victims. Lack of control over food, thinking that you don't have to work hard for an unknown illness, can eventually lead to illness. Therefore, avoiding unnecessary intake of sugary, oily, or flour-free foods can lead to good health.

Start treatment as soon as possible

Even if you know that you have diabetes symptoms and do not feel the need to treat it, the end result is that a person who is about 75-80 years old may die at age 60-65. Those who die in hospitals for about 5-10 years, and large sum of money has also been destroyed. Therefore, it is important to treat the disease early and live well.

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